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Ohjelmatoimisto DragonWhite tarjoaa artisteja ja juontajia erilaisiin tapahtumiin, kuten klubikeikat, konserttisaliesiintymiset, festivaalit, kirkkokonsertit, laivaristeilyt ja yksityistilaisuuksiin, mm. häät, syntymäpäivät, yritystilaisuudet ja pikkujoulut. Rosteristamme löytyy mm. akustista ohjelmaa, bilebändejä, juontajia, rock/heavy/pop/dancebändejä sekä stand-upia.


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Lisätty 29.04.2016

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Lisätty 28.04.2016


Here it is! A new song ”HAND ON HEART”
Antony Parviainen:
”Hand on Heart, an opening track from our upcoming debut album, was one of the first songs we ever made with this band. From the first home demo to the final album version this song has changed the least from all. Hand on Heart represents more straightforward and easily approachable material from us. The song tells a story about fear and being strong for someone else during personal mental and physical struggle.”

We have been quiet here online but there hasn’t been anything interesting to share. Less is more sometimes! During this time we have been very active with rehearsing and writing new music. The album is 100% ready but it takes time to organize a proper release so we decided it would be wiser to release the album at the end of summer. Not at the beginning as originally planned. THE RELEASE WILL BE IN AUGUST 2016. It is only a few months away! We are doing a couple of special gigs on Finnish summer festivals to get things started and will do more touring as soon as the album comes out.

One more thing: Jere Kortelainen is no longer a member of Psychework. We have a new killer guitar player: Juha Takanen.
More details and samples from our debut will come soon!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1DkNLtLoNS3eCqT3KGENDc
iTunes: https://itun.es/fi/9i5Ybb

J-V / Psychework
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Lisätty 28.04.2016

Huomenna! Entwine, Lahti! https://www.facebook.com/events/1713080745637034/?active_tab=posts ... Näytä lisääNäytä vähemmän


huhtikuu 29, 2016, 6:00pm - huhtikuu 30, 2016, 2:30am

Ravintola Torvi

Viime syksyllä muutaman vuoden sapattivapaalta levy- ja kei...

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Moottörin Jyrinä 11.6.2016 Perunarockissa!! ... Näytä lisääNäytä vähemmän